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2013 Taxes

Tax Notices:


This year is a Revaluation year and therefore all property owners will receive an assessment notice in the spring followed by a tax notice at the end of July. When you receive your "Assessment Notice" please review it, as there is a time limit in which you can appeal any errors. Please contact our office is you have any questions regarding the revaluation.

Discounts are: 3% if paid by August 31, 2013

                     2% if paid by September 30, 2013

                     1% if paid by October 31, 2013   

                     1% if paid by November 30, 2013


Please note:  Effective for this tax year discounts and/or rebates will no longer be applied to the education property tax portion . Municipal discount will remain as above. The taxes as levied apply to the calendar year, covering the period January 1 to December 31 in any given year.  Taxes, whether currently in a paid or unpaid position, are adjusted at the time of a property sale.



The Rural Municipality of Britannia No. 502, with corporate offices in the city of Lloydminster, Canada, is located in Northwest Saskatchewan to the East of the Saskatchewan / Alberta border and in the heart of the "Heavy Oil" area. Immediately adjacent to the City of Lloydminster, the R.M. of Britannia No. 502 has a geographical area of 950.87 square kilometers, a highly skilled workforce and a growing population of just over 1500 people.

With a clean environment, wide-open spaces, abundance of raw materials, lower land and housing costs, reasonably priced and highly reliable electricity, natural gas and telecommunication services, the municipality is a prime spot for value added processing and manufacturing. The picturesque wooded hilly areas of the municipality combined with the scenic views of the Big Gully and North Saskatchewan River valleys offer many attractions for nature lovers, hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts in addition to excellent non-farm residential development opportunities.



To democratically provide a consistent level of core municipal services which enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.