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Britannia Wilton Fire Department 

 In 1990 the RM of Britannia No. 502 & the RM of Wilton No. 472 joined together and formed the Britannia Wilton Fire Department. This fire department services the RM of Wilton and the RM of Britannia. Fire Chief John Bexson has been with the Britannia Wilton Fire Department since it began in 1990 and was honored this year for his 20 years of service. The Britannia Wilton Fire Department Currently has 23 volunteer members.

Burning permits are required throughout the year. These may be obtained by contacting the RM office. New to our RM is that you have to have permit in hand. We will fax or email a copy if you can't get in to pick it up. You are then required to contact the Call Centre listed on permit before you start your control burn and after it is finished. If your control burn has not been reported to both parties and 911 is contacted you will be charged by the Fire Department and any fines the RM impose. The RM reserves the right to cancel any and all permits when weather dictates.

Fire pits and burning barrels are exempt from permits.

Effective as of June 12, 2013 the Department has cancelled the fire ban within the RM.

Permits are also available thru the RM office for Fireworks. 

 Volunteer List as of June 2010

Chief: John Bexson
Deputy: Shane Seaman
Deputy: Jeff Malin

Captain: Ian Brett

Captain: Blair Collins

Captain: Shane Fritsch

Bexson, Ryli (junior volunteer) Buckingham, Aaron  
Donkin, Jeff Murray, Anthony Senior, Paul 
Kube, Joe Chahley, Grant MacKinnon, Steph
McGerrigle, John McTaggart, Carmen  
Robertson, Craig Smith, Ray  
Wallace, David Wallace, Lionel  
 Yaremy, Gerry  Loerzel, Dean  

Fire Board Members: Reeve - John Light and Councillors Diann Tippe & Dale Forland